Friday, December 11, 2009

if only there's more years for u

One ever asked me, how many 10 years am i gonna have in my life. and i answered with no worries that im gonna have tons of 10 years in my life.

well if only life were this good people.

even a tiny little stupid afternoon would cause away a life. well i dare not blame the person who drove the bus but at least have the mercy to close the dam door when your bus is on the move. well at least.

anyway it is my aunt that i was mentioning. she stood on the door and initially thought the bus has stop. well she's an aged woman for god sake. open the dam door when your bus is fully and totally stopped. as she went down the bus, her head fell first towards the divider and damaging her back of the head, causing internal bleed. well she passed out on the way to the hospital. and she's far far away now.

and felt so dam bad for not attending the funeral. had exams.

well people, be more careful.
we don't have tons of 10 years to live,
but we have every hour to enjoy till that very day. (:

ps: rest in peace aunt.

aaron signing out.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

A Relationship ♥

Love is simple. Easy. Hurts but it comes and goes.

A relationship?

Now that's a different story peeps.

It requires commitment, patience, LOVE, sacrifice,
honesty, trust, communication, money and so much more.

Being in love, its simple. So simple that kids can do it.
Although its considered puppy love.

However, a relationship isn't the same.

Some people can't commit fully.

They love someone, but they can screw others just for recreation.

Some have no patience.

Some people, they're just trying it out. Not a care if love
existed between em or not.

Some say they are in love, and that everything is perfect.
But dishonesty exist in their relationship causing them to fall apart.

Some, have no trust at all. Going judgmental on everything
their partner does.

Some relationships have communication breakdowns and they can not
communicate for long periods but consider themselves in a relationship.

Some people have everything. But they lack of money to make it beautiful.
Yes they are happy together, but its not nearly as happy as they can get with

As we know, desires cannot be satisfied.

So, no relationship is perfect.

And there are so many pretenders out there, i feel sorry for them.

However, nobody is perfect.

And no relationship is perfect.

But what we all can do is, make the best of things.

Despite of whatever we're lacking.

I'm doing my best, how bout you?

PS: Shirley feels like our blog isn't updated enough, so she MAKES me upate it.

I love her ♥

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Sunshine (:

Love. What is it?
Is there any proper definition for it?
You can feel it, but its not visible to the naked eye.
You can show you love someone, but they can feel it.
Not see it.
So, have any of you guys out there found love?

I've been blessed to have found love. Several times in fact.
Ever debated on whether to love and get hurt, or not love at all?
What would you guys choose?

For me, i'd definitely love.

Another question is, to love, or be loved?

When you're loved, its possibly the best thing in the world.
Someone would definitely be there for you whenever you need that person.
If you're sick, they'll tend to your every needs.
If you're lonely, they'll be there 24/7.
If you're sad, they'll cheer you up.
If you're weak, they'll carry you with all their might.
It comes close to feeling contempt.
For me, i'd rather love than be loved.

To love is a whole new experience.
It sends random emotions that fill your mind and soul.
To love, it is never always positive.
When you love, you worry.
You get jealous easily but you need to be understanding.
You become needy but you need to give them space.
You become weak but you need to hold the person you love up high.
At times your actions could even be hated by the one you love,
causing immense heartache and you feel so empty you cry wishing you could forget the world.

I'd still choose to love.
It hurts, but its worth it (:

I've met someone new recently,
its unbelievable how we met.
It was so simple,
I was online, and my friend showed me a blog that had her picture there.
From there, i just had her name and a picture of what she looks like.
I didn't set any high hopes, but i did what i could to get to know her.
Honestly, i remember what she wore on the first day (:

She brought color back into my life.
She looked like an angel, yet she had a heart of a child.
Her every action could touch my heart deeply causing a tingling sensation
that makes me just smile and wanna pinch her cheeks.

I found love once again and its from a girl called Shirley Sim Ting Ting.
We're similar in many ways and that's what we like about each other.
We could talk for hours without getting bored,
as long as we're together spending time.

She would act cute and pretend to be mad at times just to make me hold her
or kiss her to make her smile again.

I find her amazing.
She finds me silly.

I love the word pepet, she hates it.
But she still loves me when i say it :D

Co-blogger 0 here, saying that I am in love.
What about you? (:

Sunday, November 22, 2009


I don't know where to start but I know there is something I would love to share with everyone here.

We all have friends.
Good ones, bad ones, selfish ones, kind ones. I'm sure everyone out there have some bitter-sweet experience among your own friendship BUT it all depends how you see it, and solve it.

No doubt, misunderstandings always occurs among friends.
Especially among close friends; because the closer you are, the expectation will be higher.

You expect them to understand you more, because you are his close friend.
You expect them to KNOW & ESTIMATE what to do, because you SHOULD know him the best already.

BUT, sometimes, things just happen- LIKE. THAT.
Calm down, think about the incident & solve it.

We all love parties,

and celebrations,

BUT, sometimes..
all we need is just a few minutes of heart to heart talk to understand & catch up with each other.

As days goes by, people's thoughts might change.
So yeah, don't just stick to your own thoughts & judge.

Of cause, we need to laugh out loud too.

"A mere friend will agree with you, but a real friend will argue." :)

Signing off,
I love my daily dosage of love ♥