Friday, December 11, 2009

if only there's more years for u

One ever asked me, how many 10 years am i gonna have in my life. and i answered with no worries that im gonna have tons of 10 years in my life.

well if only life were this good people.

even a tiny little stupid afternoon would cause away a life. well i dare not blame the person who drove the bus but at least have the mercy to close the dam door when your bus is on the move. well at least.

anyway it is my aunt that i was mentioning. she stood on the door and initially thought the bus has stop. well she's an aged woman for god sake. open the dam door when your bus is fully and totally stopped. as she went down the bus, her head fell first towards the divider and damaging her back of the head, causing internal bleed. well she passed out on the way to the hospital. and she's far far away now.

and felt so dam bad for not attending the funeral. had exams.

well people, be more careful.
we don't have tons of 10 years to live,
but we have every hour to enjoy till that very day. (:

ps: rest in peace aunt.

aaron signing out.


  1. sorry to hear that, aaron. may she rest.

    kinda been a silent reader of you guys.